Friday, 30 October 2020

Fwd: BOH 4M1 - Motivation at the Movies Assignment

Motivation at the Movies BOH 4M1 - Business Leadership 

Check out: (The Blind Side football practice scene)

Which motivation theory is Leigh Anne using with Michael Ohrer at practice?  This is an example of an assignment grade 12 business students did in BOH 4M1 (Motivation at the Movies).  Students did some outstanding work using movies/series such as Freedom Writers, Lord of The Rings, Miracle On Ice, Rocky, and Coach Carter to discuss the application of motivation theories in these films.

Re: Leigh Anne Tuohy at practice in The Blind Side...
If you answered Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs then you are correct.  Tuohy appealed to Michael's need to protect and keep his family safe (safety needs) and apply that to playing football at Briarcrest Academy.

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